There's a ton of excitement today all throughout Minnesota because it is the first day of school for a huge population of students.  But it's not just a big day for the kids.  I grew up with a mom that was a Kindergartener teacher for over 30 years and trust me, that first day of school is a huge day for the teachers as well.  One business in Rochester, Minnesota knows that and is giving back to all of the teachers in our area with a fun (and delicious) freebie!

Collins Orthodontics
Collins Orthodontics

Rochester, Minnesota Business Giving Teachers Free Food During the First Week of School

A ton of photos are going to be posted on Facebook and Instagram this week for the first day of school but as those pics are being taken, teachers are flooding classrooms and getting ready to inspire young minds during this 2022-2023 school year.  One business in Rochester, Collins Orthodontics, knows how hard teachers work and is providing teachers a free 6-pack of donuts at their delicious shop called "The Donut".

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

ATTENTION TEACHERS!!! In honor of the first week of school and for ALL you do for our youth and community, we are treating all teachers to a free 6 pack of donuts at Collins Orthodontics / The Donut!!
All you gotta do is stop by The Donut anytime during the first week of school (9/6-9/9) and show your teacher ID/badge and we'll hook you up with a free bag. We do ask that you limit yourselves to one bag per teacher for the week (honor system...just like you require of your students 😉)
We appreciate all you do for our community, and it is our pleasure to serve you this week!
Hours at The Donut this week:
Tuesday Sept 6 - Friday Sept 9
7 am - 5:30 pm
**We are closed on Monday Sept 5 for the holiday** - Collins Orthodontics Facebook Page

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Grab a Selfie at the Wings While You Are Getting Your Free Donuts in Rochester

These angel wings that showed up in Rochester about two years ago are more than just an awesome place to grab a has an awesome purpose!  It's helping kids who are fighting cancer.  When I first found out about these awesome wings, I started crying and before you read the full story here, maybe grab a box of Kleenex just in case you have a similar reaction.

Do you know another business that is offering something free for teachers?

If you know another place that is supporting teachers with freebies, I'd love to spread the word about it!  Let me know all the details over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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