My favorite movie from last year is having a free showing in Rochester!  According to, this movie is one of the Top 5 family movies of 2017.  Save me a seat because I'm watching it again so I can feel "all the feels".  I also love how this theater is giving back to the community...and they are letting all of us play a part in that.

This movie outing was actually my Christmas gift from my husband.  We had a rough couple of weeks as he was in the hospital until he was finally released Christmas Eve.  No stocking fun or gifts to open for me on Christmas but I did have a special gift; Our family went out to watch the movie 'Wonder'...and it will be a movie I will never forget.

Why is 'Wonder' the best? We all know that our world is in need of a change - and we aren't really being flooded with happy stories of positive change in the news or when we head to the movie theater.  Yes, we've got feel-good moments and huge hits on the big screen.  Overall, we are there for entertainment, and movies like Black Panther or movies with tons of action fill that role.  When it comes to bringing my kids to the theater and showing them a movie that leaves a positive impression on how they can change the world for the bet I'm in!

'Wonder' does just that.  It leaves you thinking, wondering and inspired to do more for others...and in a very simple way.  Be kind.

Bring your family to the free showing of 'Wonder' this Saturday!  I promise, it will be a movie you will remember.  (you might want to bring some

  • Free Family Showing of 'Wonder'
  • Saturday, March 17th, 2018
  • 9am
  • Cinemagic Hollywood 12, 2171 Superior Dr NW, Rochester, Minnesota 55901
  • Check out their Facebook event

Movie and Kindness to the Community.  It's not required, but the theater will be collecting cans or packages of non-perishable food items and are asking that everyone who attends, if possible, bring an item.  These will be donated to Channel One Regional Food Shelf, a non-profit in our area that feeds people that are in need.

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