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What's up with the produce spills happening on Minnesota highways recently? First, we have potatoes spill on I-94 by Albertville and it was so cold they froze to the road. Now we have a frozen beet spill! What will be next?!

The beet spill happened Wednesday night in Swift County Minnesota on the west side of Murdock. It happened on Highway 12.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Swift County Sheriff's Office informed everyone of the situation along with a picture on their Facebook page. They said that the beets spread along about a mile-long stretch of Highway 12. But this time the beets were frozen in the truck, they didn't freeze to the ground.

But because there were a few thousand frozen beets on the highway, they had to close that portion of the road. The sheriff's office said "they're basically large rocks" and that they "already had damage to cars who attempted to drive through." Not good.

MnDOT was able to come around 9:10 PM, less than 20 minutes after the sheriff's office posted about the situation on their Facebook. They were able to sweep the frozen beets away and all was clear to re-open the highway.

What is a semi going to spill next on our roads? I just thought about the times we hear about beer spilling on highways from semis tipping over. Can you imagine if that happened here in the winter? We'd just have frozen beer ALL OVER the street.

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