Is that something like having 2.5 children?

0 1 Selfie

Here's a Fun Fact for you: according to science, the average person takes 1.5 selfies a day. That's one-and-a-half. The math on that adds up to 568 whole selfies a year, or something like 25,000 selfies over a lifetime.

But how do you take a half-a-selfie?

I've been called a lot of half-things. Dad used to say I'd be dangerous if I were a whole wit. I try to go all in rather than do anything half....baked.

Is a half-selfie one where something gets in the way? Like you get photo-bombed, but in a selfie?

I've been noticing that I don't take nearly enough selfies. I do have three teenagers. So, kind of, in a way, I guess they're pickin' up my slack. I guess I need to grab my slack and start carryin' it.

Starting now, I have 566 selfies to record over the next 365 days! How about we do this together? I post my selfie and you share yours?

We can be selfie-buddies...?


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