What made up excuse to take a sick day is your boss most likely to believe? Here are the ones that work the best!

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Do you use your sick days at work? A lot of companies just call it PTO, whether it's a paid vacation day or a sick day. But what if you just wanna play hooky and call in sick? I feel guilty calling in sick. I feel like unless I'm contagious, or paralyzed sick, I should probably drag myself out of bed, throw something on and crawl in and just tough it out until I feel better.

But let's just say you want to pull a Ferris Bueller. Maybe you just want to stop and look around at life before you miss it. What excuse would your boss most likely believe?

You could try calling sick for a surgical procedure; stress; or an accidental injury.

There was a new poll taken of a thousand bosses. They said the most believable excuse was the flu. But out of a thousand bosses, only 25% said they'd actually buy a 24-hour flu.

Probably the most realistic   made up excuse that you could get away with is telling your boss you're down with back pain or you've thrown out your back. Everybody's got a back. As fake excuses go, it's specific and realistic and temporary.

Just don't take or post any incriminating selfies!

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This? This is just for "Medicinal" purposes. Before my chiropractor visit...

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