This is just so dumb, but it's true. A guy was mad at me for walking up the escalator!

The guy was halfway up the big long escalator at the Wells Fargo, I got on and, as usual, walked up. I stopped about a stair and a half before I got to him. He he got off, he waited for me, and told me it was faster if I would just stand on the escalator.

What the what?

Rear view of a businessman on an escalator
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Well, I didn't want to argue about it, so I just said, "Thanks!" and moved on. Maybe he was expecting an argument, because he just stood there for a bit after I walked off, but that was it, end of the encounter.

I went home, hit the Googles, and whatd'ya know? He was RIGHT! The New York Times reported on a study.

Basically, by walking and standing, we're causing confusion and clogs. People can't seem to figure out how to fill the space there is (I assume they mean the standers because, honestly, I've never met a confused Escalator Walker). Congestion at the bottom and the top.

crowd shopping
Volker Kreinacke

So, the problem isn't's the people that can't get it together to get on the escalator and to get off it. attention, move when it's time to move, no dilly dallying, as my dad used to say,

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