What's the one sign that could be a red flag that your partner is mad at you, but just not telling you?

Cathy and Dave

Usually it's pretty clear. When I've done something wrong, she'll tell me. But sometimes it's not so clear. I guess I should have known better and stopped myself before I'd done it, whatever it was I'd done.

Huffington Post gathered eleven women authors to put together a cheat sheet for guys like me on some of the red flags to look for when she's mad but not saying why or what for.

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One of the warning signs comes from blogger Katie Hall. She says that while her husband is at work, she'll get a few episodes ahead on the show they're watching together!

My wife does that. All. The. Time! I just thought she was excited or couldn't wait. We've watched Friends and CSI and Blue Bloods together and she's always getting an episode or two ahead. Secretly, she could be mad at me for something or annoyed and just not saying anything. But, if I ask her...she might just another one of the things on the list and just smile and say, "Nothing".

I'll have to check and see if I put the lid down. Maybe I'll pick her up something nice. She likes Chinese food. Maybe some ice cream or chocolate or some flowers.