Life is just better with ice cream!  Celebrations are better too, and actually, we have a fun tradition at our house that accidentally happened. If this "accidentally" happens at your house, I can guarantee that your kids will not complain.

With three kids in school, I have sat through a lot of conferences, band concerts, and school plays. A lot! Getting up on stage, in front of a room full of strangers, sometimes having to use a microphone to say words that were practiced and memorized ... it can be terrifying for a little one. You can just see the stage fright on their faces as they walk up to that microphone. As they finally say the words, you are sitting in the audience reciting along with them because, well, let's face it, you have heard your child say it 1,000 times and you've got it memorized, too.

My daughter's first play at school, her role was "Pancake." I honestly don't remember much about the play (sorry!) but I do remember the moment after the play, where we were sitting down at Cold Stone Creamery enjoying some ice cream. That was the start of our "accidental" celebration tradition.

There are so many great moments to celebrate with our kids! Maybe they aren't doing a big play or concert but I am sure you can find a moment where they were kind to someone else or shared a toy at daycare. Maybe your child got an A on their math test and this is their hardest subject in school and that A means multiple hours of flashcards and practice sheets just to get the facts down.

Cold Stone Creamery wants to help you celebrate with your family, whatever the occasion! Right now, Cold Stone Creamery is giving you the opportunity to win free ice cream for an entire year! Enter to win using the easy entry form below and the winner of the delicious ice cream will be picked on November 15, 2019.

Jessica Williams at Cold Stone Creamery
Jessica Williams at Cold Stone Creamery

What fun traditions do you have at your house?  I’d love to hear about it!  Send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.  

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