Have you ever stayed somewhere at a resort or a hotel and discovered that a famous person was staying there with you?  I used to travel a ton and it has happened to me many times.  I even stayed in a hotel with Jimmy Buffett one time.  So how do you know when someone 'special' is down the hall from you?  

Watch for these signs!

1. Lots of black vehicles in the parking lot.  Or Tour buses, or really different looking automobiles.  If you see a group of black SUV's or buses, it could mean that a big celebrity or a politician is staying there.  Look for the entourage.

2. Security details are around, anyone wearing an earpiece and not a nametag.  They wear little pins on their lapels to show they have security clearance.

3. Special pins or buttons on hotel employees would also be a good indication that someone is there at that hotel.

4. Valets that talk in code. They do actually use corny phrases too, like, "The Eagle Has Landed."   Oh they do, I've heard it, and I do believe that Jimmy Buffet experience those very words were heard between a couple of people at the desk. Yeah, I thought it was corny, but lets face it, people just give themselves away.

5. Weird room service requests are a big red flag also.  You've heard of the bizarre tour riders?  They do exist- it's not just a stereotype.  I don't know why sometimes famous people are so strange, but they are.  I suppose that is what drove them towards fame in the first place.   I mean, why would you want to have stalkers and paparazzi follow you everywhere?  Crazy.