The Y-105 Love Stories were amazing...epic, in some cases, so thru Monday we're going to be feature some of our favorites.Today's story is from Judy Dokken. The best way to describe this story is to quote Judy. She responded to a lot of the kind Facebook comments on her entry. People were amazed at the love they shared, and she said, "Life is full of surprises - good and bad. And then we go on ..."

Craig Dokken

In 1995 my husband was killed in a work related accident. 6 weeks later my sister lost a work colleague unexpectedly. I sent a card to this colleague’s husband explaining I had recently gone through something similar, and if he needed to talk to give me a call.

A couple months later he did call. We decided to meet. I called my sister to find out more about this guy, and she says is “He is really nice”.

He shows up and this nice guy is also good looking – tall, muscles, and a great smile. We were married in 1999. He IS a really nice guy. Our kids are now adults so we have more time for each other. I believe he would do anything for me so I would love to surprise him with a night out on the town for Valentine’s Day.