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One of the popular Tik-Tok Trends is the #SplashChallenge. At first it was just babies being splashed with water, but now it's grown into an all ages thing. And some Minnesotans are not happy (or really, people across the country).

For example, Anusha commented on the video below,

Anusha Iyer
How do you feel when someone, without any warning, pours water on top of your head and laugh at your state of shock?? Do you feel bad if someone hurts a dog or any animal that can't express itself with words?? This is no less than that. Babies trust you. And these reflexes will affect them psychologically. Let us help in creating fun in THEIR childhood. This is not at all funny.

Do you think it's bad? Check out a compilation for yourself.

When it's adults or kids old enough to understand what's going on? Not so much a problem for most people. But when you get a baby straight up crying and the mom isn't doing anything but laughing about it,well, it upsets people.

SPLASH 04 - baby crying

Chris B said, "They call these "challenges"??? Next week should be police handing out fines for bad parenting "challenge" that would make me laugh"

Other comments (from the video above) -


What do you think? I mean, obviously, the parents aren't putting their tiny tots in physical danger. They're just splashing them with water. So, is it all in good fun? Would you like to be splashed with water like that? I think most of us would say no. Especially not that one guy at the sink. he was NOT impressed.

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