We're in for another wet day, but when is the wet coming?

The National Weather Service in LaCrosse says the rain is coming this afternoon and evening. Will that mess with the Pine Island Cheese Fest Grand Parade at 2 PM? Maybe, so bring an umbrella, and if it doesn't rain, think of all the candy you can hold with it (and serve from it!)!

Speaking of parades, where I used to live in Twin Falls, Idaho, they're just wrapping up Western Days and, I have to be honest, I do NOT miss the Western Days Parade. If I was a kid, I'd miss the heck out of it, since it is the longest parade ever in the history of time and that even includes the Rochesterfest Parade.

In fact, I think of all the years I was in, announced, and worked at the Rochesterfest Parade as training for the Western Days Parade, the Never Ending Parade of the West. Like most parades, too few floats, and too many "business truck" entries, but it wasn't that that made it so long.

The Southern Idaho weather is generally beautiful. Sunny and in the 90's most of the summer. In the parade or announcing it from a flat-bed truck, you're in the sun the whole time. And that made it long. Hours and hours in the sun. The kids loved it, a long parade meant a metric butt-ton of candy, but the adults woulda preferred brats, and they just don't throw those from floats like they used to, you know?

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