The app is a robot lawyer, and is supposed to not only cancel a robo-call, but sue the caller at the same time. the scam fighter a scam?

The idea behind DoNotPay's app is standing up to stop robo-calls. Sure, the US Gov't made laws and rules to stop them (TRACED act), but you have to catch 'em doing wrong. And that's what this app is supposed to do.

When a robo-call wants your credit card, the app creates a "fake" credit card so they can catch the scammers breaking the law. Then, you can sue the scammers and get up to $3,000 (that part is really part of US Law).

It's been on all kinds of TV shows, reviewed on tech websites, and they all love it. So what's the problem? Well, it makes an early play for your personal and bank info, and, according to reviews it is very hard to unsubscribe.


Obviously, I'm not saying this IS a scam. There are positive reviews, but if it is good now, it is OK to wait a month or so to make sure it plays out OK before you download.

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