Yes, my hair is now blue.  Yes, I did this live, in my bathroom, and I am so thankful that I did because I had some very helpful tips come in through the comments that literally saved me from turning into an entire Smurf character...oh, and wrecking my bathroom.  Keep reading and watching...I've got a few tips below and all of the videos too so you can enjoy a few laughs today.

The whole "blue hair" thing started because we are doing a fun challenge every week called the Wheel of Epic Adventures!  Think "Dude Perfect" without any money or fancy buildings and having to do challenges while social distancing.  Every Wednesday, James Rabe and I flip a coin to see who has to do the challenge and then spin the wheel to find what our epic adventure will be.  Here's the video that decided my blue hair fate:

I don't have blue hair dye just waiting to be used in my house, so yes, I did have to go out and buy it.  I've already had a few nasty emails on not having this be an essential trip and I get that IF this was the only thing I was buying at Walgreen's that day.  Not that I need to explain this, but since people like to have an opinion and be rude on social media, I'll just clear it up for you.  I was already planning to go to that store to get my son's medicine, which is very essential for his mental health.

I was super nervous about the whole "blue hair" thing and to help make it all better, I went live on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  I am SOOOOO glad that I did because there were some MAJOR tips people shared with me who had used the exact same hair dye.  To all of you that were watching and adding in your comments...I can't say "thank you" enough.  To sum up the tips - this stuff will stain anything, including your face, sinks, tub, shower, clothes.  If you don't want it to turn blue, you'd better cover it up somehow or find a different way.  (My ears are still a tad bit blue as I am writing this...because, yep, I forgot to put Vaseline on my ears.)

Part of the Y-105FM Wheel of Epic Adventures is that we do the challenge on a video together - James Rabe and me, Jessica Williams.  Well, this one was difficult since it involved a very long process and to be honest, there were some shower scenes that were not going to be shown to anyone so the big reveal happened on Friday morning...and James found a great song to play with the reveal. You can watch the whole thing - and the Bloopers - here.

I'll be honest, this whole "blue hair" is way different than my usual but as I bought the dye and started the process of going blue, I knew that this look can be a way for my family and I to always have something that says, "Don't forget to be thankful".  In all honesty, I can't look in the mirror and NOT see blue, and every time that I do, it reminds me to say "thanks!" and pray for those I know. on the frontlines.

So many people are on the frontlines and while many of us are staying home, many aren't able to have that comfort.  My daughter is an essential worker, I am an essential worker, and I've heard so many stories from family members who are at home and worried as their loved one is brave and goes to work each day.  I get it...completely!  Now is the time to show support in whatever way we can.

#Community - Making masks, putting hearts up in windows, making a donation, sharing the positive and happy stories, buying is the time to do what we can.  I'm going to wear my blue proudly and will continue to share the positive stories, prayers, and messages of "Thanks!" in our community...because that is what #Community is all about.

#WearingBlueForYou  #Y105FMWheelOfEpicAdventures

Do you have a loved one who is "essential" and working on the frontlines?  Send me their name and where they work and I'd love to give them a shoutout!  Send me a message to my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio). or DM me on Instagram.

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