Rochester, MN  (KROC AM News) - The Rochester School Board is not quite ready to endorse an expansion of the district’s 45/15 calendar that has been in place at Longfellow School for years.

A committee that looked into a possible expansion had asked the board to hold off on making a decision for a few years. The board discussed the issue at its Tuesday meeting and reached a consensus that supports the committee’s recommendation.

Board Chair Gary Smith was interviewed on KROC AM Wednesday morning and said the board will take a formal vote at its next meeting.  

Smith says the board was told there is no hard evidence that students in a 45/15 schedule do better academically than those in a traditional setting. He also says there is concern about the  cost of expanding the schedule to other schools for a limited number of students.  

NOTE:  45/15 is an instructional calendar with school beginning the last week of July after a six-week summer vacation. Students attend school each of the four instructional quarters for approximately 45 days followed by 15 days of vacation.

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