There are some stories that I read where my eyes tear up just a bit.  Ok, a lot.  This is one of those stories.

I got a nomination for the (S)Hero Award from a mom who has a little kiddo over at Bamber Valley Elementary School in Rochester.  As soon as I started reading the story detailing some of the struggles that her child was having and how one person helped turn the tough days into smiles again, I knew we had a winner.  This teacher is a true hero.

(S)hero = A woman that is making our community a better place through the incredible work that she has done.  

Today, that (S)Hero is Alyssa.

Many people at Bamber Valley in the Rochester Public Schools know Alyssa is a teacher.  They even know her as a past student!  But what you might not know is that because of her dedication, a Kindergartener that was struggling in school and was asked to leave Bamber Valley is now a successful and happy 1st grader.

Watch the video to see the big surprise that we did at Bamber Valley Elementary School and to hear how this teacher has truly been a hero for so many, but especially for one specific student and family.

Thanks to all that made this surprise amazing...especially Principal Kristin Engbrecht, the rest of the staff at Bamber Valley, Alyssa's family and friends, and the family that nominated her...especially that little guy who is Alyssa's starfish.

Who should be the next (S)Hero Award Winner?  You already know who this person is in your life.  It is the woman who inspires you right now, who is bringing a smile to your face and heart, and who is making a positive impact for others.  We want to celebrate and thank that person for being a (S)hero and nominations are now open!  (you can find the link below)

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