I went on a secret mission yesterday to surprise the latest winner of the (S)Hero Award!  This 2nd grader in Stewartville at Bonner Elementary deserved to be recognized and is a true hero.

(S)hero = A woman that is making our community a better place through the incredible work that she has done.  

You know immediately who this person is in your life.  It is the woman who inspires you right now, who is bringing a smile to your face and heart, and who is making a positive impact for others.  We want to celebrate and thank that person for being a (S)hero and nominations are now open!  (you can find the link below)

(S)Hero Award Winner:  Abigail Davis  (she also goes by Abi)

Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester
Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester

First of all...what a great kid!  I heard so many great things about Abi as we were setting up this surprise, the teacher, office staff, the principal at Bonner Elementary.  I am so thankful that her mom took a moment to nominate Abi, so I could meet her myself.  Here is what she shared with me when Abi was nominated for the (S)Hero Award:

Abigail is only 8 years old, and she has been the shining star that has lightened my way.  I recently broke my foot and she has been the biggest help and support a mom could ask for.  From giving me her favorite stuff to sleep with to getting ice packs, to her big hugs, helping out without any fussing.  Always by my side to make sure I'm ok.  Abigail is not only a big help at home she also carries her wonderful personality at school.  Abigail is just the sweetest, kindest, loving little girl with the biggest heart you could as for, not just because she's my daughter but we hear this from everyone.

Abi, congratulations!  It was an honor meeting you and all of your classmates at Bonner Elementary.

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