Last November, we started a new tradition at my house.  After Halloween, we all piled in the car and picked out the perfect pumpkin for our family.  Yes...after Halloween.  We had a fun, family activity that was starting on November 1st and since we waited until Halloween night, the pumpkin was on clearance.  #bargainhunter

During the month of November, we had a focus in our house to be more thankful.  I know that my kiddos are thankful for the basic stuff but I wanted them to go a bit deeper than "my cream...".  So, we tried something new.  Ok, at first, I forced them to try something new, but once it started they were all in.

I've seen a bunch of people pinning the "Thankful Pumpkin" and sharing it on Facebook.  It's been fun to see how many moms out there are adding this to their family routine in November.  If you'd like to add it to yours, I've got the simple directions below just for you.

How To Make A Thankful Pumpkin

Thanksgiving Pumpkin at Jessica Williams' house
Thanksgiving Pumpkin at Jessica Williams' house

Buy a pumpkin

  • Get a whole bunch of Sharpies.  (we had all sorts of colors!)
  • Decorate the pumpkin before November 1st if you want too...but definitely not a requirement.
  • Put the pumpkin somewhere inside that is easy to see and get to.  (we had ours on a table)
  • Every day, each person in the house writes down one thing that they are thankful for.  They can use the same color each time and write in a very nice line...or be all random.
  • At Thanksgiving (or somewhere around there), go through all the words on the pumpkin as a family.  Take some photos too so you can remember all of these special moments of thanks.
  • What fun tradition do you have at your house?  I’d love to hear about it!  Send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.  

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