There are a lot of world records to set... this one ends in a delicious munch!

I love the idea of setting a world record. I tried it once myself, too... but first, this guy.

The day was overcast, the crane was set high, and a 24-year-old man said he'd do something no one had done before. And he'd make his tummy happy doing it.

The record is bungee jumping 240 feet and then dunking a cookie in a cup of tea when he got down there. Believe it or not, he didn't think of this. The previous record of 198 feet was set by an American in 2013.

Now... my record? Well, my ATTEMPTED record. I was the call master for an attempt at the World's Largest "Simon Says" game during First Alliance Credit Union night with the Honkers. After the game, we all trudged onto the field... but were short the number needed to gain the record. We played anyway... and I discovered Rochester is rich with high-quality "Simon Says" players!