You're not going to believe this, but while Tessa Leung and I were recording an episode of her show for Rochester's Newstalk 1340 KROC-AM and 96-9 FM, Laura the spirit, made an appearance (we learned about Larua back in July, hear it here)!

The show airs on Saturday mornings, but we recorded this episode in Tessa's actual office above Grand Rounds on Halloween. In that awesome old building, the hope was we could get Laura to pay a visit. It was kind of a jokey thing, but then it turned super real.

CREDIT: James Rabe

It wasn't like we could see her, but...well...she threw stuff across the room! She lifted a phone off the desk and dropped it on a floor (it looked just like a cat was moving it). And then a third time she threw a ladle and a tray into different corners of the room at the same time!

I can't pretend I was cool with this. I wasn't I was disturbed...uncomfortable at best. Tessa things it is because I said I don't believe in spirits or ghosts. Which could be true, right? I didn't. Maybe I was on the edge. I don't know...but now? Yeah, totally on board.

You can hear how uncomfortable I was.




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