Did your kids get any candy that was bigger than their face when they were out trick-or-treating?  Mine did...and it was awesome...and I have the address below so you know where to stop next year.

I asked all of you on the Y105FM Facebook page what the best houses were for trick-or-treating and I will say that the suggestions lived up to all the hype.  I went to every single one last night, including the amazing maze over on 51st Street NW.

Before I tell you the house with candy as big as your face, can I just say...huge shoutout to that ENTIRE 51st Street NW for their hospitality.  It was so fun seeing so many kids and costumes and all of the families out in their driveways welcoming everyone.  And the donations to Channel One were overflowing...which is just awesome to see!

So, where is this house that has candy bigger than your face?  The only instructions I had was "over in North Park by the water tower".  It was a bit of driving but eventually, I found it!

The line of kids was out in the street when we arrived but it moved fast and all of the princesses and rest of the kids in costumes were in such a great mood and so polite.  The end had cotton candy that was bigger than their faces, so yeah, they were waiting.  ;)

Huge thanks to the house at 6154 Somersby Ct NW in Rochester...you were amazing hosts to hundreds of families last night!  (and the cotton candy was pretty amazing too)

Do you have any photos from Halloween (or know another house to visit next year?)   Send me a message on my Facebook page (click here) or DM me on Instagram.

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