Too scared to do the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics on the 10th? That's cool, just do the Polar Plunge for Chickens! Am I suggesting you force your flightless fowl to plunge into the ice-cold Foster Arend lake on February 10th? Of course not. Tho, obviously that's what I thought too (check the's possible this whole post was just an excuse to make it!).

Berlin Seals Host Annual Ice Swimming
Ice bath anyone? Hopefully for a good cause like the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics! Getty Images

Here's how you do it. Just click HERE to join a friends team, raise $75 minimum, and be there to cheer them on up to the last second. Then, and here's the tricky part, don't jump in. DO NOT jump into the freezing water.

You may get caught up int he moment and want to plunge, but it's the Too Chicken to Plunge you signed up for, so just wave, and say nice things that you hope will keep 'em toasty warm and motivated. Some examples...

  • Good job! You really look cold, but I respect you!
  • Nicely done. Sorry you didn't wear sneakers and are frozen to the beach, but you're helping kids achieve their dreams!
  • Wow, that jump into the ice-cold lake really warmed my heart! See you at Whistle Binkies!

See? Simple to be kind and loving.


Plus, YOU get something out of it, too! According to Plunge Minnesota:

Too Chicken Plungers will be awarded a long-sleeved Plunge shirt and they will walk along with their team. Instead of Plunging, Too Chicken Plungers will throw a plastic chicken in the water in their place!

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