What's the worst Halloween candy to get trick-or-treating?

Splashthat.com Presents "F*** Costumes, Straight Candy"
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Now that I have kids, I really look forward to trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Halloween at the Bergs From the Bergchives
Halloween at the Bergs
From the Bergchives

Justin's First Halloween he dressed up as Aang from Avatar: The Last Air-Bender. My sister got him the costume. The last couple of years he's dressed up as Darth Vader.


Ethan's First Halloween he went as Young Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars. Ethan's first Halloween home was a blast! The boys really cleaned up around the neighborhood. One of the neighbors in the hood made it an experience for the adults as well as the kids. Not only were they giving out candy, but the dad grilled out in his driveway! I walked away with a brat and a frosty cold beverage! #Winning!

We manage to stretch the Halloween candy almost through Groundhog Day. We let the boys pick one or two pieces to carry with lunch to school. That way they don't Cookie Monster gorge themselves on it with a few days hours minutes.

Mashable has come up with a list of the candy that we should all stop giving out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Here are the Top Five:

5. Mellowcreme Pumpkins

4. Candy Corn

3. Candy Buttons

2. Smarties

1. Necco Wafers

I can see the Necco Wafers and Smarties. Necco Wafers are kinda chalky and Smarties are tart, sour and chalky. The buttons are just small and not very filling. I mean, you want a candy that's gonna tide you over until your next meal, right? But the Candy Corn and Pumkins? I love Candy Corn. It may taste a little waxy, but once you get past that, it's all sugar!

If you see BatDad with ZombiEthan and Darth Vader, BatDad is more than happy to take home some Candy Corn!

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