Well here is a story that almost was, but wasn't.  At least the groom didn't get caught with his pants down!  Oh the cracks I could make about this one.  No, this photo is not what the guy was going to wear to his wedding, but he almost got married without his pants!   

Sunday, a man left his pants in the dressing room that he purchased and flew off to his wedding in Costa Rica.  He was at a shop in Wayzata, MN.  The owner of this men's store, Judd Frost, tried to get the pants shipped to him to make it in time for the wedding but had no luck.  FedEx, UPS, airline package services couldn't get them there in time.   What did he do?

What any other Minnesota Nice person would do, he grabbed his daughter Jessie Frost, and put her and the pants on a flight. The pants were worth about $500.   Judd Frost didnt want this groom to get married without his pants!  It was an 11 hour flight to San Jose, an hours wait for a van driver, bumpy back roads through a detour, and the pants finally arrived to the beachfront resort where the groom, Jason Anderson of Maple Grove was reunited with them.  Judd Frost tracked them down through Facebook, and said "We just wanted you to have the best wedding ever."  The bride said,  “We are incredibly speechless.”

Speechless with pants.

[Source: Star Tribune]