I just discovered an uh-MAY-zing new way that my wife and I are totally compatible for each other! It's like she's a completely new and different person to me now! Let me tell you how we're able to "light up our old flame". It has to do with broiling and frying!

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When Cathy and I first met, she thought I was a geek. She was right! I still am. She loves me anyway. I'm her oldest and biggest "kid". We're like to sides of the same coin. Like peas and carrots!

I have just discovered a new way that Cathy and I are totally compatible for each other!

Astrologist Danielle Paige has come up with a list of fast food places based on a person's zodiac sign!

Cathy is an Aries. Based on Paige's reading, Cathy would be Burger King, because she likes to try new things, like the new Chicken Cheetos Fries! We've tried those and we both like them!

I'm a Leo, and Paige says I should be Taco Bell; because, like an Aries, I like to try new things, like their Doritos Locos Tacos!

It's like we're rekindling our romance with broiling and frying through the drive-thru!

What's your drive-through sign?

Taurus - Chipotle, because you're patient and you like to maintain control.

Gemini - Arby's, because you like a wide variety of choice.

Cancer - KFC. You're generous, and you like to share. You are compatible with Libra's.

Virgo - Panera Bread. You're looking to feed that healthy side of yourself.

Libra - Domino's; because, just like Cancers you want something big enough to share.

Scorpio - Starbucks; for the experience and ambiance over the menu. You're there for the Wi-Fi connection.

Sagittarius - Snappy Stop. You like places that are both unique and local.

Capricorn - McDonald's. You're practical and you like classic things that remind you of your childhood.

Aquarius - Dairy Queen; because it is unique, like you.

Pisces - Wendy's. The ambiance and atmosphere feeds your bright, optimistic nature.

If you're looking to meet someone new, try the drive-thru. Or maybe use the pick-up like, "What's your fast-food sign?"


You're welcome!


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