The Workshop Food Hall is located right across from the former Seneca plant and will be opening later this summer. When it does, it'll quickly become one of the most popular places to grab some food and hang with friends in Rochester because the place looks really cool. Keep scrolling to check out pictures.

What is the Workshop Food Hall? Well, according to their website, "it will feature several food venues, a bar, the Workshop Barbers, DJ nights, live music, shuffleboard, pool, Karaoke, Bingo, Trivia nights, and a large outdoor game/patio space."

Now, when you hear that it will feature several food venues you might think it's similar to a food court - that's not true. On Workshop's Facebook page, they explain the difference between a food court and a food hall, "A food hall is not a food court that you would find in a mall, those are typically chains. A food hall provides a fast-casual option in dining with high-quality standards. (see below) Allowing the opportunity to pick and chose between small restaurants or kitchens. A bar is typically also included along with various additional offerings in activities/pop-ups."

The food looks awesome, right?!? They told me the plan was "to team up with aspiring chefs, cooks, and entrepreneurs to provide fresh concepts in the five kitchens housed within the Workshop."  I can't wait to check this place out when it opens. In addition to the 5 kitchens, Workshop Food Hall will also have a bar and a barbershop.


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