Every year I make a big deal about the Polar Plunge in Rochester. Why? It's probably the same reason a lot of people make a big deal out of raising money to help Special Olympics. Because we know one or many Olympians, and we know how great the program is. How powerful and life-changing it can be. And how much our friends and family love it! Rochester's really come out for the plunge, raising over a million dollars in the last five years! 


I'd like you to meet my Olympian. This is my nephew Bill Rabe. I love him with all my heart, even if he does hate it when I need the captions on movies. He says it messes up the screen. But we both like the John Wick movies, so it's not like there are a lot of words on the screen, so we're good.

Bill "Bo" Rabe and his Plunge Motto

He lives over in Michigan. I don't even know how many years he's been plunging, but the dude brings in BANK! If you wanna help him out, click HERE to donate at his plunge page.

Bill's why I plunge, but this year I can't because of eye surgery, so please, instead of supporting me, I'm asking you to plunge (last minute sign-ups are totally cool) or just join Jessica and me Saturday as we hang out and see what kinda trouble we can get into with a couple mega-phones, a camera, and Mountain Dew's new flavor, Mountain Dew Ice!


The Mayor volunteered at the Super Bowl. Check out the Super Bowl gear he got as he walks the Y-105FM Catwalk!