No, not the picture of the highway, tho it is pretty nice, isn't it? It's another picture, that'll do the trick. Give it all your stress and anger, and boom. You will relax. 

I was recently on vacation in Michigan. That's where the highway picture was taken. On I-75 in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, one of the most scenic places in the USA.

My friend Blaine and I were on our way to Sault Ste Marie, Michigan to hear my brother give the commencement address at our former high school. It was lunch time, so we stopped in Harbor Springs, Michigan to grab a sammich at an amazing deli inside a liquor store.

Harbor Springs is one of those picturesque little towns with amazing shops, food, and water. In fact, the water is kind of a big deal. So we grabbed out lunch, and ate on a bench at the marina.

I used to live in this area, and loved to come down to the water to each lunch, or look at the boats. I was poor as poor can be then, so there was no great deli lunch, just me sitting on the grass, watching the boats, the people, and the reflections.

This picture calms me down in seconds flat. I think it'll do the same for you.

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