I've done it.  I know a lot of other moms out there that have found their baby asleep in their infant carrier and just let them be...because we were always told, "you never wake a sleeping baby".  There is a silent danger though and parents who have gone through the trauma are starting to talk.

Infant car seats are little boat anchors (if you have carried one, you know what I mean!) that help keep our little ones safe while we are in our vehicles.  We seem to use these for many other things though as well...transporting them in a shopping cart at the grocery store, in the upside-down highchairs at restaurants, or just hanging out on the floor in their infant carrier as you are at a friends house or at home.

Parents are starting to speak out about the danger of allowing infants to sleep in their car seats and how easy it is to avoid the danger that has silently taken the lives of many infants.

The story explains the danger of the angle that infant car seats are left in when they aren't attached to the base.  This warning is posted on the side of the seats but is often left unread by new parents.

Watch the video at this link or below that shares the story of a mom that lost her young child.  And please...if you know of a family with a new infant, please make sure this warning is passed on so more little lives aren't lost.

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