What's one of the things you should NEVER store in your fridge?

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One of the few things I'm good at making in the kitchen is a sandwich. It's two slices of bread, mayo and lunch meat. No-brainer right there. It's really hard to mess something like that up.

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One of the specialties my wife and I like to make are BLT's. Sometimes we'll just hold the "B" and the "L" and just go with the "T". There's nothin' like toasting a couple slices of bread, slathering 'em with mayo and grabbing a few cold, crip tomato slices! Man, I loves me some 'mater sammiches!

According to science, tomatoes are something that should never be stored in your fridge. Now, refrigerating tomatoes does keep them from going bad; but, it also keeps them from ripening and that kills the flavor.

What you're supposed to do is just keep enough tomatoes on hand for use and keep them at room temperature.

In other words, get the tomatoes for the sandwiches, enjoy the sandwiches and when you're hungry and peckish for more tomato sandwiches go get some more. It's not like it's Egg Nog and you can keep it in the fridge year round.

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