Pretty sure everyone in Minnesota is having a sugar high already thanks to bags of Halloween candy being bought and yes...most of us have already opened up those bags.  But on the big night of trick-or-treating, when your kids will be going door to door gathering up all of the delicious goodies, how many layers should they wear under their costumes this year to stay warm?  The weather forecast for Halloween night is out!


What is the weather going to be like on Halloween night in Rochester, Minnesota?

I noticed a few hours ago that Chris Kuball, one of the meteorologists at KAAL TV, posted the forecast for Halloween night in Rochester, Minnesota.  This is one of those nights where parents love but in Minnesota, we also hate it just a tad because there is a huge chance it will be so cold that our faces will freeze.

I know this because I'm pretty sure part of my face froze off in the North Park area in NW Rochester about 5 years ago.


For all of the parents walking their kids from house to house on Halloween, I'm about to make you extremely happy.  You are NOT going to freeze this year.  According to Chris Kuball, it looks like we've got temperatures in the 50's for Halloween night.  Your kids probably should wear a layer or two under their costume but we will NOT need hand warmers.

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