Friday afternoon, a rumor started circulating around Rochester, Minnesota that a popular restaurant was closed.  Because this is life in a pandemic, I never know what is real on the internet and sometimes closings just happen, for lots of different reasons.  I did what all moms do while they are live on a radio show - I had my kids go to the restaurant to see if the rumor was true.

Is it true that John Hardy's in Rochester, Minnesota is temporarily closed?

The reason people are thinking that John Hardy's closed is because of a photo that went up on a Facebook page called Spotted in Rochester.  I can't find the post now but snapped a photo of it as I was on-air.

Jessica Williams/Facebook

Quite a few comments were also there with some assumptions as to why the place was temporarily closed - everything from not enough employees, COVID, or broken water pipes.

Don't believe the rumor - John Hardy's in Rochester, Minnesota is not closed.

I did want to give a shoutout to the people who commented and set the record straight on the post on this Facebook page.  I would have grabbed your names and sent you a note to thank you personally but unfortunately, the post was gone by the time I was able to hop back on Facebook.

Here's what I know:

  • I saw multiple comments that indicated this photo was not true.
  • My kids said, "Mom, people are eating here - it isn't closed."
  • Individuals answered the phone and were taking orders.
  • If you look on Facebook or Google now, you will see that it is open.
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

When in doubt, ask the company "are you open?".

Just pick up the phone and ask.  It's simple.

Giving shoutouts to Rochester restaurants...which one is your favorite?

Not everything that happens on social media is bad.  In fact, I just shared on the radio a bunch of happy shoutouts to Rochester restaurants that people had because they love eating there.  I got a ton of comments that people wanted me to share actually from the Spotted in Rochester post that I added too.  If you missed that, I even went live on Facebook to give out some local love and you can watch it below.  I'd love it if you added a "thanks!" to one of your favorites too.

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