The Boys and Girls Club of Rochester stopped by to give us these baskets of goodies! Candy, chips, nuts, the works. Even popcorn! They're awesome. But, they also brought out the Naughty Side of us.

We love partnering with the B and G Clubs of RochMN, and when they gave us the baskets, we were so excited. Like little kids in a candy store.

And that's where the sad story comes from.

It's about five minutes we're alone with the yummies, and the flurry and the fists fly. Like  wild shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving, we tore into the packets of popcorn, the bags of baked Cheetos (they're healthy!), the trail mix,the peanuts! Arms everywhere,

Troy yells, "Get that elbow out of my face, Curt!"

Curt responds, "Well don't walk into my elbow, Dunks! Hands off my chips, Samm!"

Samm stares him down, and then sees my hand sneaking to get the bag, and she slaps my hand, "Not so fast, Rabe!" and she snarls at me...

I leap onto the counter, howl, and it kinda goes blurry after that.

When the EMT's arrive, we're covered in orange powder, broken chips, and popcorn, aching and moaning, and wondering where it wall went wrong.

Later, I sneak back, and grab this picture of the scene.

Empty Basket

So please, bring us snacks...but then just back away.

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